Signs of congestive heart failure and problems

At the heart failure recalls a number of different characters and problems. From their severity depends on what kind of impact will have on the lives of heart failure. Problems will be insignificant, but it can be difficult already quite simple everyday tasks.

Shortness of breath (dyspnea)

Feeling short of breath occurs in heart failure due to fluid accumulation in the lungs. The result is shortness of breath, which initially occurs in physical effort in advanced heart failure already at rest.


Weakness and rapid fatigue is often attributed to aging and poor condition. However, it can, if it lasts longer and is deteriorating rapidly, due to heart failure.

Swelling of the ankles and legs (peripheral edema)

Swelling is due to the fact that the heart is not pumping enough blood out of the arteries. Fluid, which stagnates in the veins, arteries and graduation from accumulates in the tissues, particularly in the area of the ankles and feet.

Chest pain (angina pectoris)

Chest pain due to insufficient supply of oxygen to the heart muscle, which occurs due to decreased blood flow after coronary artery. It often occurs in effort and discounts at rest.

Loss of appetite and stomach problems

Loss of appetite caused by fluid retention in the digestive organs. This gives a feeling of satiety, but can cause indigestion.